Is Mad Max: Fury Road on Netflix? How to Watch From Anywhere

Mad Max movies are very popular, with Fury Road the most successful on the list. Thankfully, you can watch the movie online on Netflix. Read on to find out more.

Mad Mad: Fury Road is the fourth installment of the Mad Max franchise starring Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Zoe Kravitz, and others. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where Max Rockatansky joins forces with Furiosa to run away from Immortan Joe, a cult leader, and his men – leading to a road battle.

The movie took almost a decade to make as it was first planned to film in 2001 but was delayed due to 9/11. Eventually, the movie was filmed in 2012, and it took three years for it to premiere in 2015. In short, it’s nothing short of a masterpiece.

Can you watch Mad Max on Netflix? 

Luckily, Fury Road is available on Netflix but only in limited regions. This is due to copyrights. For now, you can only watch the movie on Netflix in Turkey, Japan, South Korea, and Belgium.

The film is not available everywhere in the world, so if you are in the US or elsewhere, you will not be able to find it online. Worry not, as to watch the movie from anywhere, all you need is a VPN. 

How to Watch Mad Max: Fury Road on Netflix from anywhere 

Follow these steps to watch Fury Road on Netflix:

  1. Choose a VPN and subscribe. You can try ExpressVPN (get a 12+3 months free deal with a 30-day money-back guarantee).
  2. Download the VPN on your device and log in to your account.
  3. From the server list, connect to a server in Turkey. 
  4. Visit Netflix and enjoy streaming the movie from anywhere.   


Mad Max: Fury Road Netflix countries

Mad Mad: Fury Road is on Netflix but in limited countries such as:

  • Turkey (tested)
  • Japan 
  • Israel 
  • Belgium 
  • South Korea 

Simple Steps to Watch Fury Road on Netflix with a VPN

To watch the action-thriller on Netflix, all you need is a VPN. VPNs are simple apps that are very easy to use. But if you haven’t used a VPN before, here are detailed steps that you can follow and unblock the movie today.

1. Subscribe to a VPN

The first step is to subscribe to a VPN. I personally use and recommend ExpressVPN as it’s the best VPN in the market right now because it unblocks all Netflix regions on its servers.

It also offers an amazing deal of 3 months free subscription with extra perks and a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it yourself.


2. Download the VPN app

The next step is to download the VPN application on the device on which you are streaming Netflix. ExpressVPN has native apps for almost all devices and platforms, so finding a compatible app should not be a problem. 


3. Connect to a VPN server from the app

Once the app is downloaded, log in to your account, and go to the VPN Locations list. From the list, you need to connect to a server in Turkey. 


4. Visit Netflix and enjoy streaming 

Once the connection with the server is established, visit Netflix. It will automatically open the Turkish content library where the movie is currently streaming. Sit back, and enjoy!

mad max fury road streaming

How a VPN can help you watch Fury Road on Netflix from anywhere

All movies and shows on Netflix are bound by content licensing agreements and streaming rights, which is why there is a different library for every region. Mad Max Fury Road is only available to watch on Netflix in a few countries like Turkey.

Apart from these handfuls of regions, you will not be able to find the movie on Netflix in the US, or other regions because Netflix is geo-restricted.

I searched for the movie on US Netflix and was only able to get related titles, as the movie was missing from the American Netflix library.

mad max fury road stream

To watch Mad Max Fury Road full movie on Netflix, you just need a VPN. Using a VPN is the quickest and safest way to unblock the movie. 

A virtual private network masks your real IP address, and reroutes your traffic through a different country server, making it look like you are living somewhere else.

It tricks Netflix into thinking you are in another location, thus changing your Netflix region. To watch the movie, you need to connect to a server in Turkey, and Netflix opens the Turkish library, thinking you are there.

What else can you watch with a VPN

Using a VPN, you can literally watch anything you want on Netflix or other streaming services from anywhere such as:

What is Mad Max: Fury Road About 

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where water and gasoline are scarce. It’s a desert landscape where everyone is fighting for survival.

Max Rockatansky joins forces with Furiosa to fight against the cult leader, Immortan Joe, leading to a road battle. Furiosa is one of Joe’s lieutenants who is sent out on a War Rig to trade. However, on the rig, Joe’s five wives are planning to flee.

When Joe realizes that Furiosa is helping them, he sends an army to get them back. On the way, she meets Max and together they go through the canyon controlled by a biker gang, and face off against Joe’s armies.

Fury Road is the highest-grossing Mad Max movie. At the 88th Academy Awards, the film won in six categories (Best Film Editing, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Production Design, Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing).

After much delay, its prequel Furiosa is set to release in 2024.

Mad Max Fury Road Trailer 

Watch the trailer of Fury Road here:

YouTube video

Mad Max Fury Road Cast

  • Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky
  • Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa
  • Hugh Keays-Byrne as Immortan Joe
  • Nicholas Hoult as Nux
  • Zoë Kravitz as Toast the Knowing
  • Riley Keough as Capable
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as The Splendid Angharad
  • Abbey Lee as The Dag
  • Courtney Eaton as Cheedo the Fragile
  • Richard Carter as The Bullet Farmer
  • John Howard as The People Eater
  • Angus Sampson as The Organic Mechanic
  • Megan Gale as The Valkyrie
  • Richard Norton as The Prime Imperator

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Mad Max: Fury Road on Netflix in the US?

Unfortunately, Furry Road is not available in the United States on Netflix. The film is currently not available to stream in the US.

Is Mad Max streaming on anything?

Mad Max Fury Road is available to watch on Netflix, HBO Max, Vudu, Apple TV, and Redbox.

Why is Mad Max: Fury Road not on Netflix?

The movie is not on Netflix US and is unlikely to come because of the contracts that are already in place with other streaming providers.

Is Mad Max: Fury Road on Hulu?

No, Mad Max: Fury Road is not available to watch on Hulu. You can watch the movie on Netflix with a VPN.

Where can you watch all the Mad Max movies?

All three Mad Max movies are available on Netflix in the following regions:

  • Mad Max (1979) is streaming on Netflix in South Korea, South Africa, and the Czech Republic.
  • Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981) is streaming on Netflix in the Czech Republic.


Now you know how to watch Mad Max: Fury Road on Netflix from anywhere. The film is available on the streaming platform in a few countries such as Japan, and Turkey. If you are living elsewhere, the best option right now is to connect to a VPN.

A VPN will change your Netflix region and will unblock the movie, so you can watch from anywhere you are without any restrictions.

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