Is The Purge on Netflix? How to Watch All Parts From Anywhere

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if the laws didn’t apply? Well, that’s what The Purge is all about. The thriller is about a time where the government gives 12 hours once every year during which all crimes including murder are legal.

The haunting movies are terror-ridden and a perfect choice for weekend binging. No wonder you are asking yourself is Purge on Netflix?

You can watch The Purge on Netflix, but only in a few countries like France and a handful of other locations.

Unfortunately, due to streaming rights, The Purge is not available to watch on Netflix in other regions like the US. Luckily, there is an easy solution for you that will help you unlock the movie with a few clicks.

To watch the movie from anywhere, all you need is a VPN. Continue reading to find out how to watch The Purge movies on Netflix from anywhere. 

How to Watch The Purge on Netflix from anywhere 

Follow these steps to watch The Purge (2013) on Netflix from your country:

  1. Choose a VPN and subscribe. You can try ExpressVPN as it easily unblocks 20+ Netflix libraries and offers great deals. 
  2. Download the VPN on your device and log in to your account.
  3. From the server list, connect to a server in France. 
  4. Visit Netflix and enjoy streaming the movie from anywhere.   


The Purge Netflix countries

The Purge is only available to watch in a few countries such as:

  • France (all parts available)
  • Mexico 
  • Italy 
  • Australia 
  • Spain 
  • Argentina 
  • Turkey

Simple Steps to Watch The Purge with a VPN on Netflix

To watch the thriller film on Netflix, you just need to use a VPN app. VPNs are easy to use, but if it’s your first time using one, here is a detailed guide on how you can unblock the movie using a VPN.

1. Subscribe to a VPN

First, you need to sign up for a VPN. I recommend using ExpressVPN. It is the fastest VPN available that can unblock various Netflix libraries and other streaming services. 

With its 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try ExpressVPN yourself and have the freedom to cancel your account and get a full refund.


2. Download the VPN app

Download the VPN app on the device you want to stream on. You can download the setup file from the VPN’s official website and install it on your device. ExpressVPN has apps for various operating systems and devices. 


3. Connect to a VPN server from the app

From the server country list, connect to a server in France where all The Purge parts are streaming right now. 


4. Visit Netflix and enjoy streaming 

When you visit Netflix, it will open the French library where The Purge is available to watch right now. 

the purge netflix stream

Why you need a VPN to watch The Purge on Netflix from anywhere

All Netflix content is licensed to stream on the platform by content owners and studios. Due to these licensing agreements, The Purge is only available to watch on Netflix in a few countries only such as France.

Apart from a handful of countries, you will not be able to find the movie anywhere else because Netflix is geo-restricted.

I searched for the movie on US Netflix, and was only able to see related titles, as none of the parts are available to watch on the American Netflix library.

watch the purge netflix

To watch the movie from your country, all you need is a VPN. A Virtual Private Network is the quickest way to change your Netflix region and unblock content that is not available in your library.

When you connect to a VPN, your real IP address is masked, and it assigns you a new IP address of another location.

After connecting to a server in France, you are assigned a French IP address. Upon visiting Netflix, you will be able to access the French content library where The Purge is available to watch.


  • 3000 servers in 94 countries
  • Works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and more
  • Up to 5 device connections
  • Supports torrenting and P2P traffic
  • Great speed
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (3 months free on its deal)

What else can you watch with a VPN

Here are some other popular movies that you can watch with a VPN from anywhere:

Trouble finding the movie on Netflix using a VPN? Try this…

If you have connected to the right VPN server, and the movie is still not available on Netflix, don’t worry as there could be various reasons behind it. Try these to solve the issue. 

  • Change the server location. Connect to a different VPN server location to get a fresh IP address, in case Netflix has detected your old IP.
  • Clear browser cookies and cache. If you are watching via web browser, clear cookies and cache from Settings as they store information regarding your location.
  • Contact the VPN customer support. Contact the support team of the VPN and ask them for the servers that are working with Netflix.

What is The Purge about

Following an economic collapse, a new law is passed in the US called the “Purge.” It’s an annual event where all crime, including murder, is legal and emergency services including the Police are suspended.

James Sandin belongs to a wealthy family and lives in a gated LA community. He and his family are locked in their home to wait out the Purge. However, the house security system goes offline, and the family is held hostage. They have 12 hours to survive when all the US laws are reinstated.

YouTube video

The Purge cast

  • Ethan Hawke as James Sandin
  • Max Burkholder as Charlie Sandin
  • Lena Headey as Mary Sandin
  • Adelaide Kane as Zoey Sandin
  • Arija Bareikis as Grace Ferrin
  • Chris Mulkey as Mr. Halverson
  • Rys Wakefield as Polite Leader
  • Tony Oller as Henry
  • Jesse Jacobs as Freak Purger

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix have The Purge series?

Yes, The Purge series is available to watch on Netflix, but only in a few countries. Here is a list of countries where you can watch The Purge series:

  • The Purge (2013) – France, Australia, Argentina, Spain
  • The Purge: Anarchy (2014) – France, Argentina, Italy, Belgium
  • The Purge: Election Year (2016) – France, Australia, Belgium, Italy

Will the first Purge be on Netflix?

Yes, the first Purge movie is available on Netflix, but only in France, Spain, and a handful of other countries.

Is The Purge on HBO Max?

No, The Purge series is not available on HBO Max because it is a Universal Pictures movie. You can watch the series on Netflix.

What country is the first Purge available on Netflix?

The Purge (2013) is currently available on Netflix in France, Australia, and Spain. You can watch the movie from anywhere using a VPN.


The Purge is a brilliant action-thriller movie that is extremely popular to date. However, the movies are only available to watch in a handful of Netflix regions.

Right now, you will be able to find The Purge series on Netflix in France. You can unblock the movies from anywhere by using a VPN. You can easily change your Netflix region using a VPN and unblock all movies and shows you wish to watch from anywhere.

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