Is Rick and Morty on Netflix? [All Seasons]

Rick and Morty is unlike any other animated series that I have watched. The TV series follows the adventures of Rick, a crazy scientist, and his grandson as they end up in an alternate universe.

If you are searching for the show on Netflix, then read this guide to find out how to watch all seasons of Rick and Morty on Netflix.

Is Rick and Morty on Netflix?

Yes, Rick and Morty is available on Netflix in Australia, and Japan. All seven seasons of the TV show are streaming on Netflix in these two countries.

Unfortunately, Rick and Morty is not available on Netflix in the US, UK, Canada, and other regions. This is because of licensing agreements that allow Netflix to air the animated show in a few regions only. What’s more, Netflix has to acquire these rights for every country.

But there is a way to watch the show on Netflix from anywhere by changing your Netflix region to Australia. The most effective method to achieve this is by using a VPN.

How to Watch Rick and Morty on Netflix

Follow these steps to watch Rick and Morty on Netflix:

  1. Get ExpressVPN for Netflix (30-day money-back guarantee).
  2. Download the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a server in Australia.
  4. Now open Netflix and search for the show.
  5. Enjoy streaming!

rick and morty netflix all seasons

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Rick and Morty on Netflix

Rick and Morty is only available on Netflix in a few countries like Australia, and Japan. Therefore, if you live elsewhere, you need a VPN to watch the show on the streaming platform.

To confirm the availability, I searched for the show on Netflix US and UK libraries and the results only gave me similar titles instead.

Therefore to stream the show on Netflix, you need to download a VPN app. A Virtual Private Network reroutes your traffic through a server of your choice and changes your IP address.

To watch Rick and Morty, you can connect to a server located in Australia, and Netflix will perceive your access as originating from within the country. As a result, you will be able to unblock the Australian Netflix library where all seasons of the show are available.

Using a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can change your Netflix region within seconds and watch whatever you want online.

Some other popular shows you can unblock with a VPN are the PAW Patrol, Peppa Pig on Netflix, and more.

Will Rick and Morty Come to Netflix US?

Now that we’ve addressed this inquiry, you might be curious about the potential arrival of Rick and Morty on Netflix US. Regrettably, we cannot provide a definite answer to that query. Let’s just say there’s a possibility, but certainty eludes us.

Netflix tends to keep such matters under wraps, and its content catalog frequently undergoes changes. This implies that movies and shows may unexpectedly appear or vanish from specific catalogs without prior notification.

For now, Netflix does not have the rights to stream the show in the US, and we don’t see it happening any time soon. Till then, you can enjoy the show on Netflix using a VPN.

Rick and Morty Overview

Rick and Morty is an animated science fiction sitcom that follows the adventures of an eccentric and alcoholic scientist named Rick Sanchez and his good-hearted but easily influenced grandson, Morty Smith.

Together, they embark on interdimensional and extraterrestrial adventures, encountering bizarre creatures, alternate realities, and various science fiction tropes.

The show is known for its dark humor, complex storytelling, and exploration of philosophical and existential themes.

Rick is portrayed as a genius with a disregard for conventional morality, while Morty serves as the more grounded and morally conflicted counterpart. The series often delves into the consequences of their actions and their impact on the larger multiverse.

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Rick and Morty Characters

  • Rick Sanchez
  • Morty Smith
  • Summer Smith
  • Jerry Smith
  • Mr. Poppybutthole
  • Squanchy
  • Mr. Nimbus
  • Arthricia
  • Birdperson
  • Beth Smith
  • Morty Jr.
  • Leonard Smith
  • The Devil
  • Dr. Wong
  • Mr. Goldenfold
  • Frank Palicky

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Can I watch Rick and Morty on Netflix?

Right now, you can watch Rick and Morty on Max, Adult Swim, Hulu Plus, and some Netflix libraries such as Australia.

Is Rick and Morty on Netflix or Disney Plus?

Rick and Morty is available to watch on Netflix. It is not available on Disney Plus. The show is streaming on Netflix in Australia and Japan.

Did Rick and Morty get taken off Netflix?

Rick and Morty left Netflix in August 2022, in most regions like the US, UK, Canada, and more.

What platform has all seasons of Rick and Morty?

All seasons of Rick and Morty are streaming on Max, Hulu, Prime Video, and some Netflix libraries like Australia, and Japan.

Is Rick and Morty on Netflix or Hulu?

Right now you can watch Rick and Morty on Netflix and Hulu. All 7 seasons are available to watch on Netflix in Australia, but you can watch it from anywhere using a VPN.

Why is Rick and Morty still on Netflix?

At one point, Netflix had global streaming rights to Rick and Morty, but not anymore. The show has been removed from Netflix in certain regions like the US and only remains on at least 17 Netflix regions like Australia, Japan, France, etc.


In conclusion, Rick and Morty might not be available on Netflix in all regions due to content licensing restrictions. However, with the help of a reliable VPN, you can easily bypass these restrictions and enjoy streaming the adventure show.

Right now, all the seasons of the beloved series are available on Netflix in Australia. So, with the help of a VPN, you can change your IP address and unblock the show.

Remember to choose a VPN with suitable server locations, good streaming speeds, and device compatibility. Enjoy streaming!

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