Is Hunter X Hunter on Netflix UK?

Japanese anime series have become quite popular on Netflix. One popular name in the industry is Hunter X Hunter. There are a total of 6 seasons of anime streaming on Netflix. 

But, can you watch Hunter x Hunter on Netflix UK?

Unfortunately, last year, Netflix removed the anime from various regions, including the UK because of geo-restrictions. 

There has been a lot of speculation that the anime series has left Netflix. You can watch Hunter x Hunter on Netflix in Canada, France, and India. Apart from these countries, it is not available in the UK. 

With that said, you can easily watch the anime series from the UK with the help of a VPN service. A VPN will allow you to change your Netflix region and stream Hunter x Hunter online in the UK. 

How to Watch Hunter X Hunter Season on Netflix UK

Follow these steps to watch Hunter X Hunter all seasons on Netflix UK:

  1. Choose a VPN and subscribe to it. I highly recommend ExpressVPN as it unblocks various Netflix regions easily. 
  2. Download the VPN application on your device.
  3. Log in and connect to a server located in Canada. 
  4. Go to the Netflix website or app and enjoy streaming Hunter X Hunter no matter where you are located.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 5 on Netflix

Watch Hunter X Hunter on Netflix UK | Step-by-Step

All seasons of Hunter X Hunter are available on Netflix in Canada. If you are living somewhere else you will need to use a VPN to watch the anime. Follow this detailed guide on how to watch the anime series with a VPN:

1. Get ExpressVPN for Netflix

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for bypassing Netflix’s geo-blocks as it unblocks more than 30 regional libraries on its servers.

You can now enjoy 3 months free subscription on its annual plan with a 49% discount. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free.


2. Connect to a VPN server 

Once you have downloaded the app, you have to connect to a server in Canada. It will assign you a Canadian IP address, allowing you to unlock the anime.


3. Enjoy streaming 

Once the connection to the server is established, visit Netflix and search for the anime. You will now be able to see all seasons of Hunter x Hunter in your library.

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Why You Need a VPN to Watch Hunter X Hunter on Netflix From the UK

Hunter X Hunter is only available on Netflix in a few countries like Canada, India, and France. It means to watch the anime show from the UK, you would need to use a VPN.

VPN apps change your IP address and make you look like you are in a different location. For example, to watch this anime, you can connect to a Canadian server, and Netflix will assume you are watching from Canada.

It will let you access all episodes of popular anime even when you are located somewhere else.

With a VPN app, you will have no problem accessing restricted content on Netflix and other platforms from the UK. This way you can easily watch Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix and Vinland Saga series on Netflix

List of devices on which you can watch Hunter X Hunter on Netflix with a VPN

With the help of a VPN, you can watch Hunter x Hunter on Netflix on the following devices:

  • Laptops, desktops 
  • Android 
  • iOS 
  • Amazon Fire TV/ Firestick 
  • Smart TVs 
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast 
  • Roku 
  • PlayStation 
  • Xbox 
  • Chromebook 

Hunter X Hunter Season 5 Story 

Hunter X Hunter Season 5 is wild as there is a new enemy of Chimera Ants, that carries more power than the Hunters. There is a lot of action that you will enjoy.

Hunter X Hunter is a story of a young boy, Gon Freecss, who finds out that his father who abandoned him is a famous Hunter, who specializes in locating rare species of unidentified animals. Gon decides to become a hunter like his father and encounters paranormal creatures on his journey. 

The series has a high rating of 9.0/10 on IMDB and is probably one of the best anime I have seen so far.

Hunter X Hunter Season 5 Characters

Characters of Hunter X Hunter Season 5 include Beyond, Netero, Gon, Meruem, Killua, Leorio, Kurapika, Hanzo, Neferpitou, and Menthuthuyoupi, among others.


Did Netflix remove Hunter x Hunter?

Netflix announced a few months back that they would remove Hunter X Hunter from the platform. However, to this day, Hunter X Hunter is still available to stream on Netflix in a few regions. 

What Countries Have Hunter X Hunter Season 5 On Netflix 

You can watch Hunter X Hunter Season 5, 6, and the others on a few Netflix libraries, such as Canada, India, France, etc. It is not available on Netflix UK. 

How many seasons of Hunter X Hunter are available on Netflix?

You’ll be happy to know that all 6 seasons of Hunter X Hunter are available on Netflix in a few regions such as Canada, India, and France. 

What other anime shows and movies are available on Netflix?

Netflix has started offering more anime as compared to before in response to increased public demand. Here are some popular anime shows you can watch on Netflix. Keep in mind, that these are only available in a few regions, so you will need a VPN to access them.


Right now all 6 seasons of Hunter x Hunter are available to stream on Netflix, but not in the UK. You will have no luck finding the anime on UK Netflix because of geo-blocks. It is restricted to a few regions only such as Canada, India, and France. 

To watch Hunter x Hunter in the UK on Netflix, you require a VPN. With a VPN downloaded on your device, you can switch your Netflix region and unlock the show in the UK without any issues. Happy streaming. 

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