Is My Hero Academia on HBO Max? Where to Watch Online

Looking for My Hero Academia on HBO Max? Continue reading as we show you where you can watch the anime online. 

My Hero Academia is among the most popular anime shows. The fans’ excitement for the franchise was evident when the movie “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising” premiered in theaters last year and attracted a large audience.

HBO Max and Crunchyroll fall under the spectrum of Warner Bros thanks to a partnership with Warner Bros. So that would mean that all Crunchyroll anime should be available on HBO Max. That was the case before 2022 when HBO Max lost all Crunchyroll content and as a result, a lot of anime left the streaming platform.

Is My Hero Academia on HBO Max?

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No, My Hero Academia is not available on HBO Max. The anime was previously available on the platform, but not anymore.

With Crunchyroll being bought by Sony and merged with Funimation, most anime series, including My Hero Academia have left the WarnerBros streaming service in 2022. So, if you are looking for the anime on HBO Max, you will not have any luck finding it on the platform.

In 2021, some of the biggest anime series that were available on the HBO Max platform via Crunchyroll included Hunter X Hunter, Berserk, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Dr. Stone.

Is My Hero Academia on Amazon Prime Video?


My Hero Academia is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, but not for free. You can buy or rent the show on the platform. You get the option of buying a single episode or an entire season.

Is My Hero Academia on Funimation?


Yes, My Hero Academia is available on Funimation. But you won’t find the entire season on the platform in all countries. For example, currently, United States viewers only have access to two seasons of the anime.

Where to Watch My Hero Academia Online 

Currently, you can watch My Hero Academia on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Apple TV, and Vudu. If you already have a Netflix account, you can watch the anime on the platform by using a VPN as it’s geo-restricted. Because of copyrights, the anime is only available on the platform in a few countries only.

The show is also streaming on Hulu. After Funimation’s partnership with Hulu, most popular anime series including My Hero Academia moved to Hulu.

You can also rent or purchase the anime via Prime Video, and Vudu.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you find My Hero Academia on HBO Max?

No, My Hero Academia series is not available on HBO Max. You can watch the movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes on HBO Max.

Why did HBO Max remove Crunchyroll?

Warner Media sold Crunchyroll to Sony after which HBO Max removed all Crunchyroll anime from its streaming platform.

Where can I watch all seasons of MHA?

All seasons of My Hero Academia are available to watch on Netflix, and Hulu. The original series is also available to rent or purchase on Amazon Prime Video.


Even though My Hero Academia was previously available on HBO Max, that is not the case anymore. After Crunchyroll was sold to Sony, MHA, and all other popular anime left HBO Max and are no longer available to watch on the platform.

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