Is Haikyuu on Netflix? How to Watch All 4 Seasons on Netflix [2023]

For anime fans looking for Haikyuu on Netflix, the show is available on the streaming platform, but not in all regions. In this article, I will show you how you can watch Haikyuu online.

Haikyu!! has become a global phenomenon, and the show has gained a lot of attention online because of its amazing story and excellent characters. The show has four seasons right now, with a global fanbase.

The popular volleyball anime series Haikyuu!! is regarded as one of the best sports anime in recent history. The show is filled with adrenaline-pumping sports action and scenes.

Is Haikyuu!! on Netflix?

Yes, Haikyu is available to watch on Netflix. All four seasons of the anime are currently streaming on Netflix, but not in all countries. In fact, Haikuu is hidden in most countries, and can only be found on Netflix in South Korea.

Apart from South Korea, sports anime is not available on Netflix in any country because of geo-restrictions.

So, if you are living in the US, UK, Canada, or anywhere else, you will need to use a VPN to watch the anime.

How to watch Haikyuu on Netflix from anywhere

  1. First, you need to subscribe to a VPN that works with Netflix. I recommend using ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app on your device, and log in to your account.
  3. Now connect to a server in South Korea.
  4. Visit Netflix and log in.
  5. Search for the anime series and enjoy streaming.


Haikyuu Netflix Countries 

Right now, Haikyuu is only available on Netflix in South Korea. Apart from that, you will not be able to find the show on the platform anywhere else.

Why do you need a VPN to watch Haikyuu!! on Netflix

Although Netflix is available in more than 190 countries, its content library differs from one region to another. That is why you need a VPN to watch Haikyuu on Netflix.

Because of content distribution rights and copyrights, Netflix has different libraries for all regions. Because of these copyrights, Haikyuu is only streaming on the platform in South Korea.

Apart from South Korea, you will not be able to find the show in your library from anywhere. That means if you are in the US or any other country, you will not be able to find the anime.

I searched for Haikyuu!! on US Netflix, and it only showed me related anime titles.


Currently, all seasons of the volleyball anime are available on South Korean Netflix. To watch the show from abroad, you need a VPN. A virtual private network allows you to mask your IP address, and assign you a new IP address in a different country.

It basically tricks Netflix into thinking you are living somewhere else. To watch Haikyuu, you can connect to a server in South Korea. It will give you a South Korean IP address. Now, when you visit Netflix with your new IP address, you will be able to access all seasons of the show.


Using the same technique, you can watch anything you want online, even the titles that are missing from your country.

What are other anime can watch on Netflix with a VPN?

Here are a few other popular anime that you can watch on Netflix using a VPN:

Haikyuu Trailer 

Here is the official trailer of Haikyuu season 4.

Based on the original manga series from Haruichi Furudate, Haikyu!! is a slice-of-life sports anime based on a group of unlikely heroes who come together to form a volleyball team that is absolutely great at the game.

It’s the story of Shouyou Hinata, who is trying to fulfill his dream of becoming a volleyball champion and a professional player. He learns how to set aside differences and be a part of the team to earn his goal.

Haikyuu!! is a top-rated show with a brilliant story, and compelling characters. Its superb animation makes it very enjoyable and a must-watch.

Haikyuu!! Characters

  • Shouyou Hinata voiced by Ayumu Murase
  • Tobio Kageyama voiced by Kaito Ishikawa
  • Kei Tsukishima voiced by Kōki Uchiyama
  • Tadashi Yamaguchi voiced by Sōma Saitō
  • Daichi Sawamura voiced by Satoshi Hino
  • Kōshi Sugawara voiced by Miyu Irino
  • Asahi Azumane voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • Yū Nishinoya voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto
  • Ryūnosuke Tanaka voiced by Yū Hayashi
  • Chikara Ennoshita voiced by Toshiki Masuda
  • Hisashi Kinoshita voiced by Nobuyori Sagara
  • Kazuhito Narita voiced by Kōtarō Nishiyama
  • Kiyoko Shimizu voiced by Kaori Nazuka
  • Ittetsu Takeda voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya
  • Hitoka Yachi voiced by Sumire Morohoshi


Where is Haikyuu on Netflix?

Haikyuu!! is available to watch on Netflix in South Korea. Apart from Korea, the show is not available on Netflix anywhere else.

Is Season 4 of Haikyu!! on Netflix?

Yes, all four seasons of Haikyu!! are available on Netflix, but only in South Korea. You can watch it anywhere using a VPN.

Is Haikyuu on Netflix dubbed?

Yes, all seasons are available in dubbed. There are four language options (English, Spanish, German, and Mandarin) in which you can watch Haikyuu on Netflix.

How many seasons of Haikyuu are on Netflix?

You can watch all four seasons of Haikyuu on the streaming platform, but only in South Korea.


All four seasons of Haikyuu are available to watch on Netflix, but only in South Korea. If you are living elsewhere, you will need to use a VPN like ExpressVPN, to watch the adventures of Hinata and his team.

ExpressVPN offers multiple servers in 94 countries, including South Korea to help you change your Netflix region and watch the anime easily. And remember, ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test it risk-free for the first 30 days. 

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