Is Animal Kingdom on Netflix? Watch All Seasons Easily

Animal Kingdom is available on Netflix, but currently, you can only watch it on Netflix in a few regions such as Australia, Canada, and Hong Kong. Fans in the US, UK, and others will not be able to watch Animal Kingdom on Netflix due to streaming rights.

Animal Kingdom is a drama series based on an Australian film of the same name. The drama revolves around a 17-year-old boy who moves in with his cousins after the death of his mother. The relatives are a criminal family run by Janine “Smurf” Cody.

Despite restrictions, you can watch all five seasons of the show on Netflix using a VPN. A VPN will help you change your Netflix region to Canada or any other region where you can watch the series.

How to Watch Animal Kingdom on Netflix From Anywhere [Quick Guide]

Follow these steps to watch Animal Kingdom on Netflix from anywhere:

  1. Choose a VPN and subscribe to it. I highly recommend Surfshark which is the cheapest VPN with plenty of servers in Australia.
  2. Download the VPN application on your device.
  3. Log in and connect to a server located in Australia. 
  4. Go to Netflix and sign in.
  5. Binge-watch the show from anywhere.


What country is Animal Kingdom on Netflix?

If you thinking about where is Animal Kingdom on Netflix, I have good news for you as the show is available on Netflix libraries in the following countries:

  • Canada 
  • Australia 
  • Hong Kong 
  • India 
  • Malaysia 
  • Thailand 
  • Singapore

Why is Animal Kingdom not on Netflix USA?

You must have figured out by now that no season of Animal Kingdom is on Netflix in the United States. It is due to streaming rights. In the US, the show is broadcasted on Amazon Prime Video instead of Netflix.

As long as Amazon Prime Video has the right to stream Animal Kingdom, fans in the USA will not be getting the series on Netflix. So, the show will not be coming to Netflix US anytime soon.

Is Animal Kingdom available on Netflix UK?

Just like the US, Animal Kingdom is not available on Netflix in the United Kingdom due to streaming rights. Currently, Amazon Prime Video holds the right to air the show in the UK, so if you are a Netflix user, you will not be available to watch it online.

However, thanks to a VPN, you can easily watch the show on Netflix from anywhere by changing your Netflix region. With a VPN, you will get a new virtual identity and an IP address that will allow you to unblock any Netflix library you want and watch blocked movies.

With a VPN, there is no limit to the shows and movies you can watch. You can unblock any local channel of a country and watch shows for free. For example, you can unblock Australia’s Tenplay channel and watch Bondi Rescue all seasons for free.

Why do you need a VPN to watch Animal Kingdom on Netflix from anywhere?

Animal Kingdom is only available on Netflix in a few countries like Australia, Canada, India, etc. Therefore, if you live elsewhere, you need a VPN to watch the show on the streaming platform.

To confirm the availability, I searched for the show on Netflix US and UK libraries and the results only gave me similar titles instead.

                                   Animal Kingdom is not available on Netflix USA library.

Therefore to stream the show on Netflix, you need to download a VPN app. A Virtual Private Network reroutes your traffic through a server of your choice and changes your IP address.

To watch Animal Kingdom, you can connect to a server located in Australia or Canada, and will be able to unblock the Australian Netflix library where all seasons of the show are available.

Using a VPN like Surfshark for Netflix, you can change your Netflix region within seconds and watch whatever you want online.

Some other popular shows you can unblock with a VPN are the 4400 Netflix series, Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, and more.

What is Animal Kingdom about

Animal Kingdom is an American drama series about a young boy who, after the death of her mother, has to move in with his estranged relatives, the Codys, a criminal family-run enterprise by Janine Cody.

As other dysfunctional family, and gritty crime dramas go, Animal Kingdom is a great drama series. The show delivers what it promises, with an enthralling and intense performance from all the cast.

Animal Kingdom is a high voltage drama, with great action and story. Fortunately, you can binge the series on Netflix right now.

Animal Kingdom Trailer 

Here is the latest trailer of Animal Kingdom Season 5:

Animal Kingdom Reviews and Ratings 

Animal Kingdom is highly rated on IMDB with a rating of 8.2 and phenomenal critical reviews online. The show is loved by fans because it shows women in power positions, and not just as heroes’ girlfriends. 

If you haven’t watched the show yet, be prepared to watch an intense show that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s one of those shows where you pause to use the bathroom because you don’t want to miss anything.

The cast of Animal Kingdom 

  • Ellen Barkin as Janine Cody
  • Ben Robson as Craig Cody
  • Shawn Hatosy as Andrew ‘Pope’ Cody
  • Jake Weary as Deran Cody
  • Finn Cole as Joshua ‘J’ Cody
  • Christina Ochoa as Renn Randall
  • Carolina Guerra as Lucy
  • Emily Deschanel as Angela
  • Scott Speedman as Barry Brown


How many seasons of Animal Kingdom are on Netflix?

Currently, there are five seasons of Animal Kingdom available to watch on Netflix. However, only Australia has access to all seasons of the show on the streaming service due to licensing restrictions.

Other countries like Canada, and India, only have access to four seasons of the show.

Where is Season 5 of Animal Kingdom on Netflix?

Currently, Animal Kingdom is available on Netflix in Australia, Canada, and Hong Kong. But season 5 is only available on Netflix Australia.

The Canadian Netflix users will have to wait a little longer for season 5 of the show as it is not currently available in the region. It should be coming to Netflix CA around May 2022.

What are some other shows like Animal Kingdom on Netflix?

Here are some action-packed shows like Animal Kingdom on Netflix:

  • Power
  • The Leftovers
  • Queen of the South
  • Goliath
  • Yankee
  • El Chapo
  • Green Frontier
  • Ganglands
  • Treadstone
  • Giri/ Haji


You can watch all 5 seasons of Animal Kingdom on Netflix Australia using a VPN and catch up on the story before season 6 comes out in 2022. Currently, the show is only available on Netflix in a few regions like Australia, Canada, and Hong Kong.

You can change your Netflix region with a VPN and stream the action-packed show from anywhere. Using a VPN, you can watch tons of movies and shows that are blocked on Netflix like A Quiet Place, Two and a Half Men, and Park and Recreation on Netflix.

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