Hunger Games District Map Explained [13 Districts]

With The Hunger Games prequel movie on the way, now is the best time to revisit the Panem, take a look at the Hunger Games district map, and reacquaint yourself with all the districts.

In the Hunger Games franchise, Panem is a grim alternative version of the United States that has suffered various calamities – from rising sea levels and other global phenomena.

Panem is governed by a ruler, President Snow, who has deployed his army called the Peacekeepers to keep the people in check. There are 13 Districts with their own culture and social norms. People from the Districts don’t travel between Districts, making each part more isolated.

If you are new to the franchise, make sure to watch Hunger Games on Netflix and enter the dystopian world of adventure, and thrill. Let’s take a look at the Hunger Games maps now.

Hunger Games District Map Explained 

Every year, each Panem District has to offer two children to compete in the Hunger Games which is a deadly event where everyone fights to the death, until only one remains. Because of these games and the tyrannical rule of President Snow, most Districts see the Capitol as their enemy.

Here is the breakdown of the Panem District map.

hunger games map explained
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The map has been created from the descriptions in the Hunger Games novels and the film franchise. The majority of Panem’s coastlines have vanished as a result of potential global warming-related catastrophes, such as increasing sea levels. The Capitol and 13 districts—12 of which are still operational—remain.

Katniss, Gale, and Peeta’s District (District 12) is located in the northeast. So, anytime you are in Virginia or near Washington DC, you can think of visiting District 12.

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Let’s take a closer look at each district of Panem and what they are known for.

The Capitol


The centre of Panem, which is situated in or close to what was once Colorado, is the Capitol. The Capitol was the ninth most inhabited place in Panem, with a pre-Rebellion population of 96,463.

The Capitol is the home to President Snow and his cabinet. Itself, the Capitol has no industry, as it relies on other Districts to provide for it. However, it is the most technologically-advanced place in Panem. It specializes in using Peacekeepers to keep the people of Panem in check.

District 1


District 1 is the closest district to The Capitol and is in charge of producing the luxury products that are provided to Panem’s largest metropolis. It is situated in what was formerly Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.

This district is known for producing many career Tributes such as victors Augustus Braun, Glimmer and Marvel, and Cashmere and Gloss. It was one of the first districts to openly rebel despite having a good connection with and being close to The Capitol.

District 2

District 2 Hunger Games

The masonry industry is well-known in District 2, one of Panem’s wealthiest districts. It also has a high rate of Peacekeeper recruiting and Career Tribute training. Colorado’s Rocky Mountains are home to District 2.

Some of the famous residents of District 2 are Cato and Clove, Brutus, and Enobaria.

District 3

District 3 Hunger Games

District 13 is one of the first ones to rebel against the Capitol. It was a region in what was formerly California, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming that produced electronics, especially computers, and televisions. With regard to population, the district was also one of the biggest.

Among the residents of the district, some popular names are Beetee and Wiress. Both were killed in the 75th Hunger Games.

District 4


District 4 was famed for its fishing sector and included what was formerly southern California, sections of Texas, and probably coastal parts of Mexico. It is the fourth-richest district in Panem.

Just like District 1, District 4 is known for producing Career Tributes and some of the popular ones are Mags Flanagan, Finnick Odair, and Annie Cresta.

District 5

district 5 foxface

The district that is in charge of providing electricity to all of Panem is called District 5. There is a hydroelectric dam in the district that is subsequently targeted by Katniss and the rebellion because of the enormous obligation placed upon it to serve as the source of an entire nation’s electricity.

It is located in the northern US region and draws water for electricity from the Great Lakes. Some of the known people from this District are Foxface, and Porter Millicent Tripp.

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District 6

District six hunger games

District 6 is well-known for its production of transportation vehicles, and it includes portions of what was formerly Michigan and Illinois. After District 2, it is the second-largest district in Panem.

This District is suffering from a problem of morphiling abuse that produces hallucinatory effects. Among the people of District 6, we saw Titus, who participated in the Hunger Games and was known for his cannabilism of other contestants.

District 7


In particular, District 7 is situated in what was then Washington State in the old Pacific Northwest. Due to its advantageous position, District 7 is in charge of producing and transporting paper and lumber across Panem.

Johanna Mason from District 7 won the 71st Hunger Games and she also served with Katniss in the rebellion.

District 8

district 8 hospital

The manufacture of all textiles in Panem is handled by District 8, a smaller area that originally covered South Carolina. The district specializes in producing the Panem Peacekeepers’ outfits. Katniss noticed that District 8 was a filthy, industrial area with no grass in sight and residents living in filthy, claustrophobic tenements.

Cecelia and Wolf are the popular residents of District 8.

District 9


District 9 includes portions of Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Minnesota, and its primary industry is grain. It is one of the biggest and poorest districts in Panem, which is also one of the largest. There are no identified tributes to any winners from District 9.

District 10

district 10

There isn’t much known about District 10. It is one of the smaller districts, operating in parts of Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. Their primary industry is livestock. There are no previous tributes or victors from District 10.

District 11

district 11

District 11 is home to Rue and Thresha, as well as Seeder and Chaff. It is located in the southeast of the US, primarily in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida, as well as parts of Oklahoma and Kansas. District 11’s primary industry is agriculture, as they are responsible for supplying cotton and grain to Panem.

Even though this District has an abundance of resources, the Peacekeepers are more strict with its people, leading to impoverishment.

District 12

district 12

This one is Katniss and Peeta’s District. It is located in the northern US and its main industry is coal mining. It’s a small District in terms of population, and they are forced to make their own clothes, hunt for food, and live on scraps.

Some other renowned residents of District 12 are Haymitch Abernathy and Gale Hawthorn. After the rebellion, the district changed from mining to making medicines.

District 13

district 13

Before the Dark Days, District 13 was known for manufacturing nuclear weapons. It was located where Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont were once located. It was later revealed that District 13 was still inhabited and people who lived there took refuge in underground bunkers.

District 13 threatened the Capitol with nuclear war if they interfered in the district business. Because of this, they remained politically independent from the rest of the Panem and never submitted a tribute to the Hunger Games.

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