Is 12 Strong on Netflix? How to Watch on Netflix From Anywhere

12 Strong is inspired by true events. The action-thriller is based on a non-fiction book about the US Army Special Forces in Afghanistan after 9/11. The action war movie features Chris Hemsworth as the main lead.

This leads us straight to the question, does Netflix have 12 Strong?

Yes, 12 Strong is now available to watch on Netflix. The movie was recently re-added to the platform in 2022.

However, you can only watch the film in a few countries such as Japan, Germany, and India. Even now, it is missing from most regions like the US.

But its possible to access the movie on Netflix from anywhere using a VPN. Keep reading to find out how to watch 12 Strong on Netflix with a VPN from anywhere.

How to Watch 12 Strong on Netflix from anywhere 

Follow these steps to watch 12 Strong on Netflix:

  1. Choose a VPN and subscribe. You can try ExpressVPN (get 12+3 months free deal with a 30-day money-back guarantee).
  2. Download the VPN on your device and log in to your account.
  3. From the server list, connect to a server in Japan. 
  4. Visit Netflix and enjoy streaming the movie.   



12 Strong Netflix countries

12 Strong is available to stream online on Netflix in the following countries:

  • Japan 
  • Germany 
  • India 
  • Italy 
  • Spain 
  • Malaysia 
  • Singapore 

Simple Steps to Watch 12 Strong on Netflix with a VPN

The action-thriller movie is available to watch on Netflix, and all you need is a VPN to unlock the movie. VPNs are simple to use, but if this is your first time using one, here are the detailed steps you can follow.

1. Get a VPN

The first step is to subscribe to a VPN. I recommend using ExpressVPN as it’s the best VPN in the market right now because it unblocks various Netflix regions on its servers.

It also offers an amazing deal of 3 months free subscription with extra perks and a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it yourself.


2. Download the VPN app

Download the VPN application on the device on which you are streaming. ExpressVPN has native apps for almost all devices and platforms, so finding a compatible app should be easy. 


3. Connect to a VPN server

Once the app is downloaded, log in to your account, and go to the VPN Locations list. From there, you need to connect to a server in Japan. 


4. Visit Netflix and enjoy streaming 

Once the connection with the server is established, visit Netflix. It will automatically open the Japanese content library where the movie is currently streaming. Enjoy.


How a VPN can help you watch 12 Strong on Netflix from anywhere

As of writing, 12 Strong is only available to watch on Netflix in a few regions like Japan. If the movie is missing from your library, you will need a VPN to watch it.

Netflix has different content for all regions because of copyright issues, and streaming rights with studios. This is why the movie is currently available in a few countries where Netflix has the license to air the movie.

Due to these copyright issues, Netflix is geo-restricted. I searched for the movie on US Netflix, and could only see related titles.


The quickest and easiest way to stream 12 Strong movies is to use a VPN. A Virtual Private Network allows you to change your IP address and unblock various content libraries.

When you connect to a server in Japan, your real IP address is replaced with a new one from Japan. It tricks Netflix into thinking you are in another country and opens the Japanese content library for you where the movie is available to watch.

This way, you can connect to any country server you want and access all content, even the ones blocked in your region.

What else can you watch with a VPN

With a VPN, you can literally watch anything you want on Netflix or other streaming services from anywhere such as:

Cannot find the movie on Netflix using a VPN? Try this…

If you have connected to the right VPN server where the movie is available, and still the movie is not visible on Netflix, don’t worry as there could be various reasons behind it. Try these to solve the issue. 

  • Change the server location. Connect to a different VPN server location to get a fresh IP address, in case Netflix has detected your old IP.
  • Clear browser cookies and cache. If you are watching via web browser, clear cookies and cache from Settings as they store information regarding your location.
  • Contact the VPN customer support. Contact the support team of the VPN and ask them for the servers that are working with Netflix.

What is 12 Strong About 

12 Strong is the story of US Army Special Forces who were sent to Afghanistan right after the 9/11 attack. After landing in Afghanistan, the group meets Dostum who is attempting to regain control of the city while battling with the Taliban leader Mullah Razzan.

The army decides to side with Dostum to fight Razzan, however, the alliance is not easy. Will the team of 12 soldiers make it back to their homeland?

12 Strong has a great cast, with a fact-based story which is very rare in war drama films. However, it lacks depth which is why it wasn’t a huge success at the box office.

12 Strong Trailer 

12 Strong Cast

  • Chris Hemsworth as Captain Mitch Nelson
  • Michael Pena as Sam Diller
  • Michael Shannon as Hal Spencer
  • Navid Neghahban as General A. R. Dostum
  • William Fichtner as Colonel Mulholland
  • Trevante Rhodes as Ben Milo
  • Geoff Stults as Sean Coffers
  • Thad Luckinbill as Vern Michaels
  • Jack Kesy as Charles Jones
  • Taylor Sheridan as Brian
  • Elsa Pataky as Jean Nelson
  • Austin Stowell as Fred Falls

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the movie 12 Strong on Hulu?

No, 12 Strong isn’t available to watch on Hulu. You can watch the movie on Netflix and HBO Max.

Is 12 Strong based on true events?

12 Strong is a true-life account of 12 Special Forces soldiers who team up with an Afghani tribal leader to kill a Taliban leader who has taken over the city. The soldiers were sent to Afghanistan right after the 9/11 attacks in New York.

Where to watch 12 Strong online?

12 Strong, a war-action movie, starring Chris Hemsworth, Michael Pena, and Michael Shannon is available to stream now on Netflix, Apple TV, Redbox, and Vudu.


12 Strong is available to stream on Netflix, but only in a few countries. So, if you live in a region where the movie is missing, you can use a VPN to change your Netflix region and watch the movie today.

Simply download a VPN, connect to a server in Japan, and enjoy watching 12 Strong online.

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