CyberGhost VPN Review – Tested With 50+ Streaming Services [2024]

CyberGhost VPN is a popular name in the privacy industry known for its powerful Windows client that is packed with tons of advanced features. The Romanian-based VPN service is the top choice for over 38 million users.

Currently, there are 9700 servers offered by CyberGhost in 110 locations spread across 91 countries. That’s far more servers than offered by other providers.

VPN is a powerful tool for online privacy, and it also gives you unrestricted access to the internet and geo-restricted streaming services. CyberGhost is one of the better VPNs that I have tested so far.

However, not all is perfect. In this CyberGhost review, I will discuss the pros and cons of the VPN service, along with the streaming services that it works with as of 2024. It will give you a good perspective of whether CyberGhost is worth it in the long run or not.

CyberGhost VPN Features 

If you are in a rush, here are the key findings of this CyberGhost review. 

???? Servers: 9700 servers in 91 countries
???? Streaming services: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Hulu. Disney+, and more
???? Number of devices: 7
???????? Based in: Romania
???? Supports torrenting: Yes
???? Does it keep logs?: No
???? Money-back guarantee: 45 Days
???? Price: $2.03/mo
???? Special Deal: 2 Years + 2 Months free (84% Discount)

Is CyberGhost Good For Streaming?

One of the main uses of a VPN is streaming geo-restricted content. Because of international licensing agreements, most streaming services and channels are restricted to a few countries, and a VPN like CyberGhost helps access such content with ease.

Luckily, CyberGhost has special servers for streaming, so it’s really easy to find the right server you want for every channel. During testing, CyberGhost managed to unblock every single streaming service that I tried.

CyberGhost Streaming Servers

CyberGhost has special servers for streaming. These servers are available for various channels like NBC, Crunchyroll, YouTube TV, and more. You can also find special servers for international streaming services like DRF (Austria), Rai TV (Italy), etc.

You can also find dedicated servers for various Netflix regions like France, the US, the UK, Canada, and a lot more. These servers are specially made for unblocking various channels and platforms.

                                               CyberGhost has optimized servers for streaming.

Does CyberGhost work with Netflix?

CyberGhost VPN has streaming-optimized servers for Netflix located in multiple countries. I have tested multiple locations to make sure they are working with Netflix – and have never gotten the Netflix error message.

I tested its US Netflix server and was able to access American Netflix without any issues. It unblocked the USA library on my first try in under 30 seconds, which was very impressive.

CyberGhost unblocking US Netflix
                                   I could watch my favorite shows and movies on US Netflix.

Its fast connection speeds ensured that I could stream Netflix without any buffering or lag, and the picture quality was crystal clear. I could watch Arrow, Constantine, and The Great Gatsby on Netflix.

Japanese Netflix is a little tough to unblock, so I decided to check CyberGhost. On its special Netflix Japan server, I could easily access the Japanese library that has all Harry Potter movies, and tons of anime.

CyberGhost unblocking Japanese Netflix
                     I could watch all Harry Potter movies on Japanese Netflix with CyberGhost.

I could stream Your Name, Naruto Shippuden, and Jujutsu Kaisen all seasons on Netflix Japan with CyberGhost. Some other popular anime I could access are The Chainsaw Man, Spy x Family, and High-Rise Invasion.

Apart from these two libraries, CyberGhost also works with Netflix France, Germany, India, Italy, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Whether you are connected to a streaming server or a regular one, you can easily access your desired Netflix library with CyberGhost.

You can also try Surfshark for Netflix and see how it compared with CyberGhost VPN. Both providers are premium with great performance.

Unblocking BBC iPlayer with CyberGhost 

Another in-demand streaming service that CyberGhost can unblock is BBC iPlayer. The free UK streaming service is popular for its shows like Peaky Blinder, Match of the Day, and Doctor Strange.

CyberGhost is one of the few VPNs that work with BBC iPlayer outside the UK. It has special streaming servers for iPlayer, along with UK servers that both work great at unblocking the streaming service.

BBC iPlayer working with CyberGhost
                           I could stream Peaky Blinders on BBC iPlayer for free with CyberGhost.

During testing, I connected to its dedicated BBC iPlayer server and it did not show me any error message, as I was able to stream Peaky Blinders.

Thanks to CyberGhost’s large server base and secure protocols, it offers one of the best streaming experiences.

Streaming HBO Max with CyberGhost 

CyberGhost VPN has tons of servers in the US, helping you bypass geo-restrictions and access your favorite content on HBO Max. You can either connect to HBO Max dedicated servers, or the US servers to unblock HBO Max.

While testing, I connected to CyberGhost’s HBO Max server and was easily able to watch RAP SH!T and Game of Thrones. The speed was surprisingly fast as there was no buffering or lag while streaming.

CyberGhost unblocking HBO Max
                             CyberGhost works with HBO Max and has optimized servers for the platform.

Apart from the US HBO Max, CyberGhost also has special servers for the Spanish version of the streaming service along with other countries. It means if you have an HBO Max subscription, you can access any international version of HBO you want and watch geo-restricted movies and shows.

Can you watch Hulu with CyberGhost? 

CyberGhost offers Hulu-optimized servers that help you access the American streaming service without issues. I found these servers highly capable as I was given instant access to Hulu content within 40 seconds.

While testing, I tried both the optimized server and the US servers with Hulu, and the results were similar – it instantly unblocked Hulu on my first try. I could easily stream American Horror Story and its new spinoff show without buffering.

Hulu working on CyberGhost
                                         I could easily access Hulu with CyberGhost VPN.

With CyberGhost, you can stream Hulu on your Smart TV, laptop, or any other device you have. It is very simple to set up with plenty of options to enhance your streaming experience.

Watching Hulu in Germany, Spain, Portugal, and anywhere outside the US is very easy with CyberGhost VPN.

Watching Disney+ Hotstar with CyberGhost 

You can watch your favorite shows and movies on Disney+ Hotstar with CyberGhost. It gives you an Indian IP address so you can access the full catalog of Hotstar outside India.

You will find special streaming servers for Hotstar in the CyberGhost app. With these servers, I was able to access Indian Hotstar easily, and the best part is that the Indian version of the streaming service has a 30-day free trial, so you can watch your favorite content for free.

CyberGhost unblocking Disney+ Hotstar
              CyberGhost gave instant access to Disney+ Hotstar on its special streaming servers.

I was able to stream Bigg Boss, Alita Battle Angel, and Titanic on Hotstar with CyberGhost. The speeds were fast so I never had to pause the video mid-streaming for buffering.

Unblocking other streaming services with CyberGhost 

Apart from the streaming services mentioned above, CyberGhost works with tons of channels that are geo-restricted. It works quite well with Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and DAZN.

NBC also worked with CyberGhost without a hitch. I connected to its NBC US server and it unblocked the streaming platform without any error. The results were the same on its US server.

NBC with CyberGhost
                                                                     CyberGhost also works with NBC.

DAZN is a difficult streaming service to unblock, and I was pleased to know that CyberGhost works with DAZN and has special optimized servers for it.

All in all, CyberGhost is a really good VPN for streaming. It works with all popular geo-restricted streaming services effectively. You can watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, and much more with CyberGhost VPN.

Is CyberGhost Good For Torrenting?

If you are looking for a VPN for torrenting, then CyberGhost is a great fit. The provider offers specialized servers for P2P that work with all torrenting clients.

These special P2P servers are located in various torrent-friendly countries. However, when it comes to downloading speeds, they are quite average. I tried downloading a file of 5GB and got an average download speed of 5.3 Mb/s on the UK server.

These speeds were not that great as my Wi-Fi connection speed was 150 Mbps. While using ExpressVPN, I got an average bitrate of 9.7 Mb/s, so CyberGhost is a good choice for torrenting, but it might take some time to download stuff.

CyberGhost Server Network and Locations 

CyberGhost has approximately 9300 servers in 91 countries. The provider is one of the few VPNs in the industry that offers such a vast server fleet. CyberGhost certainly leaves behind the likes of Surfshark and NordVPN. ExpressVPN has servers in 94 countries.

Here’s the detailed rundown of servers:

Region ServersCountries
Europe 620045 countries
Asia/ Pacific90022 countries
Americas220012 countries
Africa/ Middle East30012 countries

Does CyberGhost work in China?

According to CyberGhost customer support, yes, CyberGhost does work in China as normal. You just need to download the VPN app and log in to use it without having to do anything.

China has been blocking a lot of VPNs, so most services fail to work there. There are mirror apps of CyberGhost available as well that you can download in China and watch your favorite content from anywhere.

Plans and Packages 

CyberGhost is a budget-friendly VPN that is a great option for users who are on a tight budget. Its prices change based on the duration of the subscription duration. Moreover, the VPN allows 7 simultaneous connections, so it makes it very cheap.

Here are the details of its subscription plans:

2 Years + 4 Months Free$2.03/mo
6 Months$6.99/mo
1 Month$12.99/mo

There is an exclusive deal that includes a dedicated IP available for $2.50/mo (50% discount). All plans have a 45-day money-back guarantee so you can try the service risk-free and cancel your account if you wish to discontinue the service and get a full refund.

The 1-month plan of CyberGhost costs $12.99/mo with a shorter money-back guarantee of 14 days. It’s good to know that you can make an anonymous payment using bitcoin. Other payment options include credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Can you use CyberGhost for free?

CyberGhost VPN does not have a free version, but it does offer a free trial that does not require any payment information.

  • 24-hour free trial for Windows and macOS.
  • 3-day free trial for Android.
  • 7-day free trial for iOS.

No credit card information is required, and you get full access to all CyberGhost premium features. Moreover, there’s a money-back guarantee as well, so you have plenty of time to try the VPN service before committing to the service.

CyberGhost Features (Highlight)

CyberGhost has undergone major changes since its launch in 2011. In the beginning, the VPN only had a meager network of 67 servers. Now, the provider offers a full VPN package with top-notch service.

You can find more details regarding its features below.

Dedicated servers 

CyberGhost VPN has a selection of servers dedicated to special tasks. These special servers are for streaming, gaming, and torrenting. This is great for less tech-savvy users who can easily find the server according to their needs.

Streaming servers are dedicated to accessing geo-restricted streaming platforms. You can see servers for various popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and more. It makes finding the right server easier.

Downloading servers are focused on torrenting. They work with all major P2P clients like uTorrent, BitTorrent, and more. These servers are mostly located in countries where torrenting is not met with harsh restrictions and sanctions. These servers offer the best possible speeds for downloading large files.

Gaming servers have the lowest latency. High latency leads to a lag in response which affects gaming. Luckily, when you connect to a gaming server, you will get low pings and a stable connection.

Dedicated IP

CyberGhost also offers dedicated IP for users. This option is purchased separately, and it gives you a unique IP address of your choice. This IP address is only used by you, making it a perfect solution for those who want to have a consistent IP for accessing banking apps, and related websites. 

You can choose a dedicated IP from one of the following locations:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • France
  • UK
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • US
                                       CyberGhost offers Dedicated IPs from 9 countries.

Generally, using the same IP makes it easier to track you, but CyberGhost has a unique token system that gives you complete anonymity. When you buy a dedicated IP, you get a unique token to activate it.

It means that the IP won’t lead back to your VPN account, or email address. What’s more, is that CyberGhost does not keep a record of dedicated IP ownership, so in case you lose the token, you will lose the subscription as well.

The dedicated IP is available from $2.50 to $5.00 on top of your regular subscription.

NoSpy Servers 

NoSpy servers are fully managed by the CyberGhost team in Romania. It means that there is no third-party intervention or access. These servers offer more privacy and anonymity.

All NoSpy servers are located in Romania and have extended bandwidth so they offer faster speeds, and support P2P traffic.


CyberGhost VPN also comes with an ad-blocker feature that protects you from annoying ads, malware, and trackers. In theory, it will improve your loading time, and help you avoid unwanted ads and malware that are distributed through ads.

                              CyberGhost adblocker feature prevents pop-up ads on websites.

While using CyberGhost, some ads still got through, including banners, and video ads. However, it did block most ads and popups.

Smart Rules 

Smart Rules is a feature that helps automate the CyberGhost VPN app. You can configure launch rules, Wi-Fi protection, and exception. You can specify a country server that it will connect to automatically when you launch the app.

                                                 Smart Rules allows you to automate the VPN app.

You can further configure the app on unsafe Wi-Fi networks. There is an option to block and allow specific websites, which works as split tunneling.

CyberGhost Apps and Device Compatibility 

CyberGhost works with all popular devices and operating systems like macOS, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android TV, routers, and more.

With a single CyberGhost account, you can have up to 7 simultaneous connections. This is quite generous as one account is more than enough for the entire family. I decided to test it out by connecting the VPN on my MacBook, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phone, iPad, Android TV, HP laptop, and Samsung tablet.

No matter how many devices are connected to the VPN, you will not face any performance issues.

Desktop Computers

The Windows client of CyberGhost is by far the most feature-rich with tons of configuration. However, it is simple to use and easy to navigate even for non-tech-savvy users.

It has light and dark modes that you can choose according to your wants. The sidebar has your favorite servers, along with dedicated IP, gaming servers, streaming servers, and privacy settings.

The macOS app is similar to the Windows app but needs some improvements. The kill switch feature can be improved, and it lacks some features like split tunneling. The interface of the app is similar to the Windows app.

Mobile Apps

CyberGhost mobile apps both have similar designs and features. There are however many differences in features.

On iOS, you can choose between WireGuard and IKEv2. On Android, you are given a choice between WireGuard and OpenVPN. Moreover, in the Android app, you can customize the split tunneling and ad-blocker feature, but on iOS, no such option is available.


Browser Extensions 

CyberGhost offers a completely free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. However, it comes with limitations as you only have access to 8 servers, and there is no kill switch.

Its browser extension is lightweight, but nothing outside your browser is encrypted. This is because the extension only works as a proxy rather than a full VPN.

The extension does come with security features like anonymous browsing, online tracking blockers, Wi-Fi security, WebRTC leak protection, and malicious content blockers.

As for server access, you only have 8 servers in four countries – the US, Romania, the Netherlands, and Germany.

PlayStation, Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire Devices

You can easily download and use CyberGhost on your Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and other Smart TVs. There are dedicated apps available that you can download from the app store and get started with streaming.

With Smart TVs, Apple TVs, PlayStation, and Xbox the easiest way is to use CyberGhost via the Smart DNS feature. It works with all streaming services but does not encrypt your online traffic.

I have configured the Smart DNS on my Apple TV and was able to stream US Netflix, and Hulu without having to set up the VPN on the router. All I had to do was copy the DNS codes onto my Apple TV and configure the network settings.

What I like about the CyberGhost Smart DNS feature is that it has DNS addresses for both the US and the UK, while most services only offer one address that is mostly in the US.

Is CyberGhost Safe?

CyberGhost is a safe and secure VPN as it uses strong encryption and a variety of VPN tunneling protocols. Moreover, the provider has undergone independent audits of their logging policies.

Tunneling Protocols and Encryption

CyberGhost VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption to make sure your internet connection is safe and secure. This encryption is the latest one and uncrackable to even the most powerful machines.

Apart from military-grade encryption, CyberGhost also offers a number of tunneling protocols like:

  • WireGuard – the latest protocol in the VPN industry known for being very fast and safe. Not all providers support this new protocol, so it’s nice to see that CyberGhost is currently supporting it.
  • IKEv2 – one of the old protocols that offer a great combination of speed and security. It performs especially well on mobile phones.
  • OpenVPN (TCP/ UDP) – this is one of the most popular VPN protocols used, but it’s more focused on security than speed.

Kill Switch 

Like most premium VPNs, CyberGhost offers an automatic kill switch option that you can enable from the Privacy Settings.

This feature is available on apps for all devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. However, in most apps like macOS, the feature is automatically enabled. So, there is definitely some room for improvement, as there should be an option to turn off the feature or allow some apps to bypass the kill switch.

CyberGhost Privacy and Logging Policy

CyberGhost is a safe VPN provider based in Romania, although a member of the European Union, is a privacy-friendly jurisdiction. Romania does not have mandatory data retention laws for companies.

The country is not a part of the Five Eyes intelligence sharing block. Therefore, you can use CyberGhost safely without having to worry about the government tracking your every move.

CyberGhost does not log any traffic data or connection logs. You can even sign up anonymously using crypto payments.

In 2022, CyberGhost underwent an independent audit by Deloitte, one of the Big Four auditing firms. The audit found that CyberGhost’s server configurations are in line with its privacy policies and it does not keep any user logs.

CyberGhost does store some anonymized data like connection stamps, the country server connected to, and the version of the CyberGhost app used. This isn’t something to worry about as none of this information can lead to your personal details.

One thing that I believe CyberGhost can improve is that it keeps some hardware information of users like screen size and the device you are using. Other VPNs like ExpressVPN have found ways to go around it as it does not keep any such data.


CyberGhost is owned by Kape Technologies. It is a cybersecurity company based in London. Kape Technology also owns ExpressVPN, Zenmate, and Private Internet Access. However, CyberGhost operates as a separate company with its own servers, and privacy policy.

Transparency Reports 

CyberGhost publishes a Transparency Report every 3 months on their website. It provides information about malware and recent activity flags. It also discloses the requests it has received for user data from government agencies.

The reports are divided into three categories: copyright infringement, malicious activity, and requests from the police. These reports show that CyberGhost is committed to protecting user data and privacy.

Is CyberGhost Worth It in 2024?

CyberGhost is a powerful VPN with sleek and intuitive apps full of features. It is one of the best VPNs for users who are looking for ways to unblock Netflix and other popular geo-restricted streaming services like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, DAZN, and more.

Apart from cutting-edge technology and top performance, CyberGhost has affordable prices and a large network of servers that you can take advantage of.

In terms of privacy, the VPN is a great choice as it’s been audited in 2022, and uses strong AES 256-bit encryption. Therefore, CyberGhost is a competitive choice in 2024, especially for streaming.

In this CyberGhost review, I have covered all the aspects of the provider to help you make a decision.

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How many devices can I use CyberGhost on?

With one account, you can use CyberGhost VPN on 7 devices simultaneously. This is more than what most providers offer.

Does CyberGhost allow torrenting?

Yes, CyberGhost does support torrenting. It has special servers for P2P that are located in countries where torrenting laws are not stringent, so you should not run into any issues.

Can CyberGhost be trusted?

Yes, CyberGhost is a trustworthy VPN that is located in privacy-friendly Romania and has undergone security audits in 2022.

Is CyberGhost a Russian company?

No, CyberGhost is a company based in Bucharest, Romania. It currently offers a variety of online security and privacy features, including military-grade encryption, a good interface, and a strict no-logs policy.

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