Which Bondi Rescue Lifeguard Died? Everything We Know

Bondi Rescue lifeguard Terry McDermott died after a long battle with cancer. He shared a tragic final post on Instagram that showed him singing with other patients in the hospital.

Bondi Rescue is a popular Australian reality TV show that is streamed in more than 16 countries. The show features the daily lives of lifeguards on Bondi Beach as they try to rescue beachgoers on one of the most famous crowded beaches in the world.

Terry “Tezz” McDermott was a lifeguard for more than 30 years and he was featured in the Bondi Rescue TV show between 2009 and 2013. Tezz was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2020 and the news of his death came in September 2022. 

terry mcdermott bondi rescue dies

During his career, Terry has saved countless lives, and was described by his teammates as one of the “nicest watermen to don a jersey.” He was known by many names, and worked at many different beaches, including Bondi Beach.

bondi rescue lifeguard dies

Weeks before his death, McDermott shared a video of him on Instagram in which he was singing with his wife and another cancer patient in the hospital. He said: “Cancer can’t get us, we’re too happy… We’ve found a new cure… we’re not going to go on the chemo anymore, we’re going to go on the happiness diet”

terry mcdermott lifeguard

Mr. McDermott spent around 30 years working as a lifeguard and features in several lifeguards shows like Bondi Rescue, and its spin-off series, Bondi Rescue: Bali.

According to the local news, McDermott dies on September 1, surrounded by family and friends.

mcdermott bondi rescue family
                                                               McDermott with wife, Jo.

After his death made news, a lot of Bondi Rescue lifeguards took to social media to share their experience with him and pass condolences to the family.

Co-star Trent Maxwell shared a tribute to McDermott on Facebook, thanking him for teaching him the ropes of lifeguarding. He said McDermott always had some wisdom to share with young lifeguards.

Trent Maxwell on death of terry mcdermott

McDermott had a wife Joanna and a son, Matt. You can watch previous episodes of Bondi Rescue online to see McDermott in action as he tries to save the lives of people on Bondi Beach.

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